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Public Relations

Kerl & Cie’s core competence is advising companies in their PR work. The consultancy process always starts with a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the status quo of all PR steps taken, the tools deployed, and the current public perception of the client. On the basis of the findings, Kerl & Cie creates a perfect-fit communications strategy and implements the relevant ideas and measures.

Public Relations

  • Analysis
    • Analysis of the company, rivals and market positioning
    • Analysis of the company’s communications
      • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of public perception of it
      • Analysis of communications measures to date in terms of impact and scope
      • Analysis of the communications potential
  • Strategy development

    • Definition of communications targets on the basis of the communications analysis

    • Development of a communications strategy on the basis of the communications targets
      • Definition of the distinctive features and products to be communicated
      • Formulation of core propositions on the company and management
      • Core messages derived from this
    • Formulation of the actual communications measures to realize the communications strategy and achieve our communications goals
  • Implementation

    • Execution of the communications measures specified in the strategy
    • Establish and expansion of a media contact network
    • Ongoing advances to the communications measures
  • Evaluation

    • Evaluation of the communications strategy and the strategy implementation
      • Qualitative evaluation (incl. tone of voice)
      • Quantitative evaluation (comparison with competitors)

Deduction of practical insights and outline of potentially necessary fine-tuning of the strategy