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Media Planning

As part of an integrated communications strategy, on the client’s behalf Kerl & Cie handles the media planning. If advertising is offered along with PR work as part of an over-arching strategy, then this tape strong synergies as regards public perception of the company in question. For media planning, Kerl & Cie relies on the media world experience of its consultants and makes use not only of these qualitative assessments, but also draws on all the customary tools for quantitative monitoring of ad impact. In this way, we guarantee efficient and integrated media and PR campaigns.


As part of the integrated communications strategy, Kerl & Cie develops comprehensive annual ad campaign plans for the client. Here, Kerl & Cie provides both advice and planning capacity, handles implementation, bookings and settlement as well as controlling – throughout the year.


Kerl & Cie offers not just annual planning, but also advice on specific, short-term campaigns to support special events such as a product launch or IPO.


  • Analysis/strategy
    • Identification of a indicative budget for an annual ad plan or an ad campaign
    • Design of an initial booking plan on the basis of the communications strategy
    • Development of a coordinated annual plan or campaign plan
  • Implementation
    • Preparation of a detailed and clear media plan
    • Creation of campaigns and/or themes or advice on the choice of theme
    • Production of the themes or, if necessary, briefings and coordination for an outside ad agency
    • Specific reservations/bookings for ads in all media
    • Complete invoicing and settlement
    • Ongoing advice on themes
    • Extensive documentation for the media plan
  • Evaluation
    • Monitoring and archiving of documents
    • Analysis and evaluation of the annual plan and or campaign coverage incl. monitoring of impact