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Kerl & Cie also covers the field of advertising as a further element of an integrated communications strategy.

A focused media campaign that dovetails with the PR reaches the target group if the right channels/target media are selected. However, for the campaign to have the desired effect a relevant message has to be duly designed and visualized.

By combining a profound understanding of the product and target groups with creativity and design expertise, we develop creative ideas and appropriate ad themes that hit the mark – or we brief outside designers in the right way, and assess the ideas for themes or campaign with an expert eye.

With this component in an integrated communications strategy, we can guarantee seamless coherent communications without failing to reach the target groups: By dovetailing PR and media planning to the extent that the theme is customized to the intended audience in the right place at the right time.


  • Analysis/Strategy
    • Translation of the communications strategy into a campaign idea
    • Development of claims and theme worlds for the campaign
  • Implementation
    • Creating scribbles/moodboards for the themes
    • Designing print-ready individual ad themes for the campaign
    • Adapting formats and supplying theme artwork in line with the media plan
  • Evaluation
    • Monitoring and archiving documents
    • Analysis of how the campaign is received by various interest/target groups such as sales partners, end customers or institutional clients

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of competitors’ advertising